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Praise for Wild Monogamy

"One of the challenges in a longtime monogamous relationship is creating newness and surprises. Another is continuing to deepen intimacy, communication, and empathy. Reading Wild Monogamy is like having Mali and Joe personally coach you through these issues and more. If you and your partner have hit a roadblock, or if you need information and a boost to take your relationship to the next level, this book is your valued guide." ~Joan Price, author of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex

“The exploration into one’s own personal sexuality that Mali and Joe encourage is like a key that opens the door to our truest nature. Most of all, this book is about intimacy—not the quick fix, but the real, deep, authentic intimate connection that everyone is searching for. The kind of intimacy that’s truly sustainable." ~Isabel Mize, Marriage and Family Therapist

"This will definitely be my go-to book for clients in long-term couplings who are interested in understanding, enhancing, and deepening the connection in their relationships—in and out of the bedroom!" ~Dr. R. Y. Langham, Marriage and Family Therapist

"I highly recommend this book for therapists to get ideas on how to work with couples facing any kind of sexual issues." ~Lisa Gray, Marriage and Family Therapist

"Mali and Joe have written a supremely practical and accessible book about relationships that sparkles with the invitational, non-judgmental kindness that characterizes the both of them. This book is a generous offering of their skillful guidance to folks navigating the precipitous world of romantic relationships in the 21st century." ~Maurice Taylor, Marriage and Family Therapist

“The time is now for this wonderful explosion of ideas to find its way into print for all of the people who choose to live their sexual loyalty with another yet find over time the thrill is nil. We blame aging, kids and lack of variety, when actually Mali Apple and Joe Dunn give us many ways in which to activate passion with a beloved and long-term partner.  Without a doubt remaining ‘wild’ within oneself and with a significant other is both sacred and sexy.” ~Caroline Muir, Co-author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving

“If you have ever wondered if a monogamous relationship will inevitably become boring, stale and stagnant, then this book will blow your mind! Mali and Joe have captured the sizzling secrets to bring spice, fun and spontaneity into every relationship and to make monogamy the hottest choice around.” ~Michelle Marchant Johnson, Dating Coach

"I loved every delicious moment of Wild Monogamy... As a fifty-something married woman well past the honeymoon phase, I tentatively cracked the cover, apprehensive about the subject of erotic intimacy. I needed something to reignite the spark and it ended up lighting a bonfire beyond my imagination…  Each intimate adventure builds mutual support within the relationship and, in so doing, restores connection… If you want to keep a long-term relationship sexually satisfying, learn to nurture your passion and your partner with this guide. ~Dr. Jordan Alexander 

Wild Monogamy “takes the latest research on sex and love and translates it into ideas and experiences any couple can learn from, tapping the healing power of eroticism to transform themselves and each other.” ~Midwest Book Review